5 Signs You’ve Pulled a Muscle

Any sort of intense exercising can sometimes result in injury, it’s a sad but true fact. Whether you pull your hamstring running or your bicep lifting, pulling a muscle is never fun or comfortable. What happens to your body is that essentially the muscle tears away from where it’s supposed to be which is what causes the pain. It’s made even worse by the fact that sometimes there really isn’t anything you can do about it other than let your muscle rest and recover. Still, it’s always good to find out sooner rather than later so here are 5 signs you might have pulled a muscle.

Signs You’ve Pulled a Muscle


1. The area is swollen

This isn’t always the case though, a lot of pulled muscles go unnoticed because there is little to no swelling. However, if the tear is significant and you have done a fair amount of damage to your muscle then there will definitely be some swelling.

2. It’s painful even when you aren’t using it

Pain at rest is one of the first signs people tend to notice. It’s fairly normal to feel some type of pain while you are exercising strenuously, however if the pain increases while you are resting then there might be something more serious going on.

3. It hurts to use it

You’ll probably notice this sign as soon as you try to use to affected muscle. If the tear is bad enough you could end up doing more damage to your muscle if you continue to use it, instead try to keep the muscle well rested and try your best to avoid using it.

4. It’s only one side

Unlike sore muscles which you can usually tell are different from a pulled muscle because it impacts both sides (i.e. both legs or both arms). You would have to be very unlucky to pull both hamstring muscles.

5. You felt it happen

If you inadvertently over stretched a muscle, you might feel the onset of pain straight away. In some ways this is great! You are able to stop whatever you were doing that caused the issue and immediately start treating the muscle. On the down side, you probably just experienced a very uncomfortable sort of pain.