5 Signs You’ve Found Your Twin Flame

Unlike soul mates, your twin flame is someone that mirrors you. They understand you even when you are acting completely insane and for people who happen to be on a spiritual journey, chances are you are going to meet them somewhere along the way. If you have an inkling you might have met your twin flame, here are the signs to look out for.

Signs You’ve Found Your Twin Flame


1. You dream about them

No, not one of those dreams but the normal kind. Maybe you even dreamed about them before you met them. It’s quite common for twin flames to have met in a previous life or be so connected to one another your soul can predict when you’re going to cross paths.

2. You are synchronized

Your sleep patterns, your goals and ambitions. Everything! Without even discussing it, you both know what the other person needs. Whereas soul mates often bring to the table qualities that the other person lacks, twin flames share similar traits so they are able to connect.

3. They aren’t your significant other

Chances are, your twin flame is going to be your closest ally in life, not your lover. So if you meet someone that is interested in an intimate relationship with you, they probably aren’t your twin flame. You’ll know you’ve found them because they’ll be interested in your mind, soul and spirit rather than your body.

4. You sense when something isn’t right

You two have such a strong bond that you can sense when something isn’t right with them. Almost in a sort of telepathic way, even when you aren’t together you have an overwhelming feeling that something isn’t right.

5. You can evolve together

While you might have outgrown a lot of your friends over time, your twin flame remains your confidante and number one champion. It’s not to say you both haven’t developed and grown, actually the complete opposite. You’re able reach new heights together.

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