10 Signs You’ve Found Your Soulmate

Finding love can be difficult but finding long lasting, passionate, can’t be without each other love is even harder. Sometimes the dating pool can leave you feeling a little hopeless – am I ever going to find my soul mate? Don’t be too disheartened though, your kindred spirit might be just around the corner. Here are 10 signs to look out for when you think you might have found your soul mate.

Signs You Have Found Your Soulmate


1. You meet at the right time

Sometimes dating is a game of timing more than anything else. Either you or the other person isn’t ready for a relationship or prior commitments pull you away from each other. When you’ve found your soul mate though, it will be the perfect time for both of you. You’re both ready and willing to dive head first into a committed relationship.

2. You accept one another’s flaws

Accepting a person for all their faults and still seeing their strengths is something only a true soul mate will be able to do. It’s even better if one of your flaws happens to be something your partner is particularly good at. Imagine being with someone who is able to pick up the slack with something you struggle at, and of course vice versa.

3. You have similar life goals

Let’s be honest. It’s never going to work out with someone if you have completely different views on how life should be lived. Do you dream of an extravagant wedding and a small soccer team of kids? Well, your soul mate would have similar values and would also love to spend their days running after toddlers.

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4. Jealousy isn’t an issue.

It’s safe to say that jealousy is responsible for the breakdown of a lot of relationships. However, when it comes to soul mate’s jealousy shouldn’t be a problem. Not only is there trust in the relationship but both of you wouldn’t want to make the other feel jealous. If you are in a relationship where either you or your partner plays games to make the other feel jealous – you aren’t soulmates.

5. Threats are never made

This goes hand in hand with jealousy. In some relationships threats will be made to make the other person feel bad. Your soul mate would never make you feel guilty for wanting a girl’s (or guys) night out. They would encourage it! Threats are a sign you need to get out of that situation quick smart!

6. Apologising isn’t a battle

Both of you are willing to admit when you’re wrong. It isn’t a struggle or a fight to have a conversation and apologise about whatever made the argument escalate. You say sorry when it’s needed and not just to end the discussion.

7. You want them to be happy

It seems a bit obvious doesn’t it? Sometimes even in the most loving of relationships, your partner will always come second best and that is a sure fire sign you two aren’t soul mates. Putting someone else’s happiness above your own is something only a true soul mate would do.

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8. You connect on a sexual level

Sure, you can have mind blowing sex with a perfect stranger but soul mate sex is a bit different. It’s about connecting rather than pleasure and both parties leave satisfied.

9. They are your biggest stress reliever

Partners can sometimes increase your stress and anxiety levels but not when they are your soul mate. If you two truly are the missing part of one another, they would be the first person (or thing) you go to for some de stressing medicine. Whether it’s just their comforting voice or their kind words, they always know just how to help you calm down.

10. You feel it

Okay, okay when you’re 16 of course your first boyfriend feels like your soul mate but we are talking about the serious stuff here. It’s not just about feeling complete with your significant other but they make your life better, they add to your life rather than pulling you down or making your life negative in any way.

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