10 Signs You’re Part of Generation X

Once upon a time Gen X was bashed just like the millennials of today. They were tipped to be the first generation to do worse than their parents but were lucky enough to experience a childhood without war. Most people agree Gen Y is sort of made up and that if you’re a true Gen Xer then you were born between 65’ and 84. The 80’s were a pretty damn good time and here are 10 signs you’re definitely part of Generation X.


1. Molly Ringwald was everyone’s crush

Whether she was your first girl crush or the first girl you imagined kissing, it’s safe to say there is a place in every Gen Xer’s heart for Miss Ringwald. It must have something to do with her girl next door looks and red locks.

2. RIP Kurt

Unlike the millennials that followed who claim to miss the Nirvana front man, you legit lived through his death and every time you think back to that fateful day you feel a little tear creep down your cheek. Not just for Kurt Cobain but also for the time when you could get away with the whole grunge look.

3. You connect with some millennials

This is especially true if you were born in the later part of Generation X but you definitely don’t want to be associated with Gen Y and when people ask you always say your part of Gen X (Gen Y kids are weird)


Acronyms for words that aren’t even that long make you really angry, especially when your younger cousin messages you saying “Btw, I am hangry AF”. Hasn’t anyone heard of proper sentences?!

5. You feel guilty about not returning calls

While most millennials rely solely on texting and social media to connect you still enjoy having actual conversations! When someone (whether it’s your grandma or potential lover) leaves you a voicemail message you feel the need to call back, as soon as possible.

6. You appreciate print

Digital media and journalism is great but nothing will ever beat the smell and feel of a real magazine or a book. Even though you try to keep up with all the shares, likes and re tweets you long for the time when people actually read.

7. The recession hit you hard

Unlike your parents though, you were probably somewhere between being someone’s coffee fetcher and starting your own business empire so you were able to bounce back but you still fear losing it all again.

8. You remember when MTV was about music

Now, when you flip over to MTV you’re horrified to see reality TV shows, music videos with no soul or depth and advertising, advertising, advertising.

9. You sometimes feel forgotten in the media

You are definitely underrepresented in main stream media. While everyone else is complaining about the Millennial generation it seems as though they have completely forgotten Gen X.

10. Your parents got divorced

Now this isn’t typical for every single Gen Xer but it’s commonly believed that Gen X were the first generation to really feel the effects of rising divorce rates and double income families.