10 Signs You’re in Love

Love is ridiculous isn’t it? It has the power to dictate your happiness and makes you feel completely engulfed in someone else to the point of obsession. How do you know whether you’re in love though? Is it just lust or is it the real deal? Here are 10 signs you’re in love. Aww.

Signs You’re in Love


1. You are willing to make your life harder for them

As long as they are happy, you’re happy so whatever it takes to be with them, you’ll do it. Long drives after even longer days at work are worth it just to see them.

2. It’s an even playing field

Nobody is better than the other person. You both support and sacrifice things to benefit your significant other and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

3. Conversations about anything

You could be talking about politics or donuts; it doesn’t really matter because you’ll enjoy it no matter what. Even silences aren’t awkward, they are comfortable and you haven’t felt this level of comfort before.

4. 10 seconds versus 10 hours

Even if you are both super busy with your own lives you’re willing to take a minute out of your day to give them a call and make sure their day is going as good as yours. Just hearing their voice brings you comfort.

5. Errands are now fun

Normally buying groceries and filling up your car are probably the most mundane part of your life. But not with them around. Suddenly it’s turned into this precious moment where you never want to leave the supermarket.

6. Bodily functions aren’t ignored

What can we say, when you need to go, you need to go. Even when you’re around the love of your life. From farts to menstrual cramps nothing is off limits for you two and when other people say it’s gross you ignore it because you know that unlike them, you’re truly in love.

7. Yelling is okay, in the right circumstances

When you guys fight it can often get loud. Not because you’re angry at them or want to be the loudest in the argument, but because you are passionate. Passionate about the person and don’t want to even think about losing them.

8. Time is never wasted

Even if you spend the whole day horizontal binge watching movies, it still feels like a day well spent simply because you guys were together. Of course you do make the time to actually do things but know it’s important to have rest days.

9. You ask them questions

They are your go to source for information. Sometimes it’s just too embarrassing to ask someone else whether or not the mole on your butt is getting bigger or if that fart did smell really strange.

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10. Everything reminds you of them

Even the sound of a screaming child or a cute dog at the park, makes you think of them and they are more than willing to listen to your rants and raves about that episode of Stranger Things.

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