5 Signs You’re Having Twins

For most women, the fact that they are pregnant in the first place is joyous. Then the inevitable happens, the questioning whether or not you’re having a boy, girl or even twins. While a lot of moms to be will simply wait until they are able to find out, some just can’t wait! Here are a few signs and symptoms to look out for when you think you might be having twins.

Signs You're Having Twins


1. Higher HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin)

Most women find out they’re pregnant from a home pregnancy test but wait until the blood tests from the local GP to confirm the news. The presence of HCG is what shows a pregnancy and an elevated level of that can mean it’s going to be multiple babies.

2. Intense morning sickness

Makes sense doesn’t it? There are even more hormones going through your body so it’s expected that if you have extreme morning sickness especially in the early weeks and months that you could be having twins.

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3. Bigger bump, earlier

For some women they won’t have a noticeable bump for quite a while but with twins, it’ll inevitably show sooner. So, if you start to show sooner than expected or are already feeling bloated it could be a sign of two babies growing.

4. Early fetal movements

The average pregnant woman won’t feel that much movement until a few months into their pregnancy but it’s a bit different with twins. You might find you are feeling more movement a lot earlier on since the babies are no doubt squirming for room.

5. Extreme fatigue

While it’s completely normal to feel tired in your first trimester, for women pregnant with twins the fatigue can force them into bed rest. Not only for their own health but also for the safety of the babies, multiple births mean they are already at a higher risk for complications.

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