6 Signs You’re Eating Too Much

Everyone enjoys indulging in a slice or two of pizza. Some people enjoy indulging in an entire pizza. Even if you aren’t overweight or have any qualms about your body, you still might be eating too much. It’s not hard to do in our society, with a fast food outlet on every corner and an abundance of food just waiting to be gobbled but it might be negatively impacting your health. Here are some signs that you might be eating too much.

Signs You’re Eating Too Much


1. You feel bloated

It’s fairly normal to feel bloated after a meal, especially if it is high in bad fats or starchy carbohydrates. It’s not normal though to always feel bloated, even if you haven’t eaten for a couple of hours.

2. 5 a day, what’s that?

If you haven’t heard, vegetables and fruits are good for us! If you find yourself reaching for the take away menu and don’t even remember the last time you ate a piece of fruit, you might be over indulging a tad. Remember though, pineapple on your pizza doesn’t really count.

3. You are constantly taking stomach aids

Whether it’s because of indigestion, heart burn or generally needing to clean you out, if you rely on these pharmaceuticals to get you through the day, you’re probably eating too much. Your body should be able to naturally store and get rid of food without making you feel sick of uncomfortable so if you are over eating this might be the cause of your discomfort.

4. Fried food is your #bae

This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be overweight or even fat to eat too much fried food. Skinny fat is a real thing! A lot of people store their weight differently but if you are noticing that most of your diet consists of fried eggs, fried bread with some fried potatoes with a side of fried chicken, you are probably eating too much.

5. Your clothes feel a lot more snug

You don’t have to have put on 50lbs to notice your clothes don’t fit the same anymore. Try on your very favourite pair of jeans. Do they feel and look the same way they did last year when you first brought them? If not your body changes might just be down to too much eating and not enough of the good stuff.

6. You feel sluggish, all the time

You know that feeling you get after a big meal on Christmas day? The feeling of just wanting to take a nap for 2 hours? If you feel that every day or pretty regularly you are probably eating too much at meal time. There is no shame in indulging during the holidays but if it’s March and you’re still blaming Thanksgiving for the few extras pounds you put on, it’s time to stop eating so much!

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