10 Signs You’re an Over Thinker

Signs You’re an Over thinker


Being told you’re an over thinker can be a bit of an insult, especially when you didn’t realise that you were one! From questioning even the littlest of things to contemplating just about everything, twice, being an over thinker can be a tad time consuming. Here are 10 signs you might be an over thinker. Think about it. Again and again.

1. You remember things

Things that most people don’t remember. From that one time your supposed best friend said something harsh to that snide remark your boss made 6 months ago, you remember because you thought about it for the rest of the week.

2. You find meaning in everything

Even in the way in which people deliver their opinions. Did you hear that slight arrogance in his voice or the way her eye twitched when you mentioned his name? No doubt you thought about it so much you were practically having a conversation with yourself about it.

3. Letting go isn’t an option

For most people if they can’t figure out a problem, they let it go but then again most people aren’t over thinkers. Even if it takes you a month to figure out, you refuse to fail mainly because your brain won’t let you.

4. You have the ability to exercise patience

While your brain is busy thinking about every tiny detail, the rest of you is content with being patient. While most of the people around you crave the business of everyday life, you are happy just to be in your own head.

5. You want to learn

Not just because you can be inquisitive and observant but because you have a genuine interest in the world around you. If someone answers your question with “I don’t know” you quickly make your goal to figure it out for yourself.

6. You wish your brain would stop

Just for an hour or even 10 minutes, heck 5 seconds would do! Since your mind is always racing it can sometimes leave you exhausted and fed up and nothing would please you more than just a minute without the constant noise.

7. People tell you that you’re thinking too much

Since when did being thoughtful and proactive mean something negative? Yes, of course sometimes it can be annoying to be around someone constantly over thinking but it’s better than never thinking at all, right?

8. Details are everything

When someone finishes their sentence with something vague, your head goes into a spin. Why won’t someone please go into detail! What colour was the guy’s eyes that hit on you? Did the cat live?!

9. You think ahead

Especially when it comes to worst case scenario situations. Conversations like these regularly take place in your head: “Did I leave the stove on?” “No, everything is fine”. “But what if I did? First the house would burn down and the cat wouldn’t get out in time, is my laptop insured? I should definitely get insurance”

10. People mistake it for weakness

You often have people telling you to calm down or to just stop thinking. They mistake your thinking for anxiety and that is by far the worst assumption they could make.