7 Signs You’re an Alcoholic

Coming to terms with the fact you might have a problem with alcohol is definitely a hard pill to swallow. It’s a part of a lot of people’s everyday lives, from work events to birthday parties it can be hard to avoid alcohol which for most people isn’t necessary. If however, you find yourself seeing alcohol as a crutch to help you through life, you might have to start coming to terms with the fact you might be an alcoholic. Here are some signs and symptoms to look out for.

Signs You’re an Alcoholic


1. You hide your drinking from people

Whether that’s drinking in secret or keeping your alcohol away from prying eyes, you don’t want people to know the extent to which you are drinking so you hide it. This not only shows that you have a problem but that you are sub consciously aware that you have a problem.

2. You crave it

When your usual drinking time nears you find yourself craving your precious alcohol. It might be just a way you relax but cravings usually lead to dependence and inability to control those cravings. Most people don’t crave alcohol on a daily basis since essentially, it is a poisonous drug.

3. You’ve built a tolerance to it

6 months ago you used to be able to feel a good buzz on three glasses, now you need at least six just to feel the same affect. It’s down to consistently drinking large amounts, your body inevitably builds a tolerance to it.

4. Drinking for no reason

If you find yourself reaching for a bottle of wine simply for the sake of it being a Friday (or even a Wednesday) then it might be a sign you’re starting to use alcohol as a way to deal with life issues. Sure, if you are having friends over for a dinner party it would be rude not to drink but if it’s just you watching TV drinking, there might be something wrong.

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5. Your drinking affects others

Perhaps you turn into a not very nice person when you drink and it’s started to impact your relationship with others. If they have to start taking care of you when you drink or they start to worry about your drinking habits, it’s a sign you might need some help.

6. You go through withdrawals if you don’t get your fix

It makes sense that if you are drinking daily that as soon as you stop you will start to feel some sort of physical affects. Things like not being able to drink, feeling nauseous and sweating are some of the first signs of withdrawing from alcohol.

7. Being unable to stop

Most adults have the ability to stop drinking once they start feeling relaxed or they’ve decided to call it a night. If you are suffering from a drinking problem it’s almost as though you lack the ability to stop yourself from drinking more.

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