7 Signs You’re About to Be Fired

Most people tend to be at least a little surprised when they are fired. Others are downright shocked. Wouldn’t it be better if you knew in advance and could at least somewhat prepare for it? It might soften the blow and give you time to get used to the idea of being unemployed, or even look for another job. Here are 7 signs to look out for when you think you’re about to be fired.

Signs You’re About to Be Fired


1. The perks start to evaporate

While your colleagues are invited to important meetings in Paris and New York, you’re left in your cubicle. Or maybe you usually get to fly business class, complete with a glass of champagne but now you’re barely getting a free drink and coach. Losing privileges and rewards is one of the first signs to look out for when you fear you might be losing your job.

2. Expenses are scrutinized

There has never been any issue with your expenses or receipts. Up until now. Your normal $100 here or $50 there were never something to dwell over but not your boss is assessing them like there is no tomorrow. Well, because there might not be a tomorrow for your at the company.

3. There was a merger

Sometimes this can mean little or nothing to your job security. However, on the other hand what sometimes comes along with a merger is job cuts. So while you being fired might be inevitable, at least you won’t be alone.

4. Your co-workers are gossiping (more than usual)

While gossipers will always gossip, when rumours start to spread about what might be happening to so and so because of what happened last month, people who were normally kind to you are now acting a little off.

5. You’re being set up to fail

It might feel as though you have just been lumped with all the most horrendous of assignments and sometimes this is because when an employer knows that you might be fired soon, there isn’t really any harm in making them frustrated by their work situation. However, if this is the only sign you’re seeing don’t get upset just yet. Your boss might just be giving you all the bad tasks because he hates you.

6. You’re on a performance

Your boss needs to show that you have been incompetent at your job and they can’t just fire you for no good reason. So, if you find yourself being reviewed for all the wrong reasons, it might be time to start looking for a new job.

7. Your boss doesn’t like you

It might sound bad but if you got off on the wrong foot with your boss in the first place, it might be inevitable your job is on the line even from the get go.

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