10 Signs Your Relationship is Over

It can sometimes be difficult to spot the signs that your relationship might in fact be over. Maybe you’re too love obsessed to even contemplate the end of your relationship or maybe you find yourself in a spiral of denial and simply push the signs to the side. Here are five signs your relationship is heading for break up.

Signs Your Relationship is Over


1. Discussions turn into arguments

At the beginning of your relationship you probably held back when it came to speaking your mind, especially during discussions that could have quickly turned into a fight. Now though, you find yourself unleashing your opinion every chance you get and your partner hates it. Or, your once agreeable significant other has started to lash out unexpectedly and even the most mundane conversation turns into a roaring fight.

2. Sex. What sex?

It’s sad but also a pretty massive sign that your relationship might be ending or at the very least changing. While every couple’s sex life is different, if yours starts to change in a way that either one or both of you finds dissatisfying, it’s inevitable that once the sex stops, the relationship soon follows. Keep in mind that if this is the only part of your relationship that has changed, it’s pretty easy to get back on the sex track!

3. Trust has left the building

Maybe there was a day when he or she didn’t answer their phone or maybe they no longer let you use their laptop. Whatever started it, now the trust is gone and it is very difficult to get back. If however, there was no trust to begin with then really your relationship was doomed to begin with. Sorry.

4. You have started avoiding each other

It might seem strange but if you have started to instead choose a girl’s night out over Netflix and chill, it might be a sign your relationship is on its way out. Even subconsciously if you are making subtle decisions to avoid your partner you need to come to the realisation that maybe your heart isn’t in it anymore.

5. You don’t want to be with them anymore

I know, I know sounds obvious right? A lot of people though do tend to stay in relationships even though they really don’t want to. Maybe they’re comfortable, trapped or unsure how to actually break up with the partner. Either way if you start to have that inkling that you don’t want to be with them anymore – leave. It will save both of you prolonged heart ache.

6. They bore you or you bore them

This can actually be one of the first signs your relationship is heading for failure. If you start to reminisce about your single days and how much fun they were in comparison to being in a committed relationship, things aren’t looking great. Sure, it’s completely normal to crave a good night out with your friends but wishing that you could be doing that instead of nights in with your partner are a sure sign you should be thinking about having THE talk.

7. You avoid making future plans

So, you’re significant other really wants to plan a holiday. For 6 months away and just the idea of thinking of being with them 6 months in the future makes you…uneasy at best. Maybe you’re a bit scared of commitment or maybe it’s just that you don’t want to be committed to that person in particular.

8. Their affection turns you off

Your partner goes to kiss you and without even thinking about it, you pull away. Why? You might just not be in the mood right then and there or it could mean something a lot more serious. If even the thought of showing them the tiniest bit of affection makes your stomach turn, it’s time to move on.

9. Someone has cheated

It’s a bit of a no brainer, right? If someone in the relationship has committed the ultimate betrayal it can be really difficult to claw your way back to bliss. Not only is the trust been shattered but worse than that, they have done something that they knew would hurt you, on purpose. It’s sad to say but it is near impossible to completely mend a relationship after cheating.

10. You daydream about other people

Even if the person you’re daydreaming about doesn’t actually exist or you’ve never met them before, it still technically counts as imagining yourself with another person. Isn’t it a bit obvious if you’re picturing your future children with another person, it’s time to break ties?