6 Signs You Will Go into Labor Soon

You’ve just endured months of feeling uncomfortable, bloated and generally just exhausted so it’s completely normal to want to go into labor as soon as possible. Of course when your water breaks it’s a sure sign you are probably going to be delivering your bundle of joy pretty soon. What about the signs and symptoms that aren’t as obvious? Here are 6 labor signs!

Signs You Will Go into Labor Soon


1. You’re shivering

During early labor it’s completely normal to find yourself shivering, even when you’re not cold. Think of it as your body’s way of relieving tension and readying itself for labor. It should only last a few minutes but to help the process along you can steady your breathing.

2. Easier to breathe

During your pregnancy the baby has probably been pressing on your diaphragm making it difficult to breathe at times. However, once the baby has dropped you might feel as though a weight has been lifted off your lungs and you find it much easier to breathe.

3. Diarrhea

In the days leading up to labor your body will no doubt try it’s best to be in the prime shape so one of the things that it might do is evacuate your bowels. Rather quickly as well, so diarrhea is fairly normal to experience in the days before you bring your bundle of joy into the world.

4. Mucus plug discharge

Once your cervix has started to dilate and the plug that was sealing off your vagina might start to loosen and eventually, come out. That discharge can sometimes be watery or sticky and at times have a reddish tinge to it, it’s nothing to worry about but you should definitely see your doctor right away.

5. Irregular contractions

You can experience contractions for days leading up to actually going into labor. Sometimes they will only last a couple hours and other times it could last days. They will most likely come in waves and last between 3-5 minutes. Once they start to become more severe and frequent, it’s baby time!


Or as it’s commonly referred to: Waters breaking. It might be a little trickle that you can’t control or for some women it’s a bit of a gush. Generally speaking, only 25% of the time the waters breaking is the first sign of labor so it’s definitely not as common as you think.

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