10 Signs You Used to be a Server

People underestimate servers, they also forget that you’re the one handling their food and have the ability to make it taste like, spit. Even if you were just a server for a couple months in college you definitely relive those days all the time. Here are 10 signs you used to be a server.

Signs You Used to be a Server


1. Your carrying abilities are unmatched

Coffee cup, keys, bag of groceries all in one hand? Easy. While most people struggle to handle two things in their hands, you make it look like a piece of cake.

2. You instinctively reach for things

Especially when they are falling off benches. That apple rolling towards the edge of the kitchen bench? You already saw it and caught it before anyone even noticed. #ninja.

3. You can eat quickly

Like really quickly. There is nothing quite like shovelling a day old sandwich in your mouth while keeping an eye out for that angry table wanting their check.

4. You can’t help but judge other restaurants

This one is especially true if you worked somewhere, fancy. Every time you dine out you are secretly thinking to yourself the service could be better if they did X, Y Z.

5. You’re a good tipper

Mainly because you take pity on the server, even if she hasn’t done an excellent job you understand she had to also deal with not just you but 20 other people and a boss who drinks the blood of babies.

6. You expect your friends to be nice to the server

No matter what! Nothing makes you angrier than a disrespectful customer and it just makes it worse when it happens to be the person you’re eating with. Servers have feelings too you know!

7. You stack your plates

As soon as everyone is finished eating at the table you instinctively place everything into one neat pile. Cutlery at the top, always.

8. You can slice just about anything

Limes, lemons and you can even peel a pretty decent potato because being a server isn’t just taking orders like most people think. A lot goes on in the kitchen that customers don’t see and that includes chopping.

9. Busy? you haven’t seen anything yet

When someone who works in a non-food related industry complains about being busy you mentally go back to that one Sunday when not only the dishwasher broke down but two servers quit, you ran out of mayonnaise AND ketchup only to have someone come in with a catering order.

10. You know you can always fall back on it

While people talk about having a backup career or stressing about the job market, you can breathe easy knowing you’ll always be able to put that apron back on and rock it, no problem.

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