10 Signs You Used to Be a Dancer

Whether you were a competition grade jazz dancer or an award winning ballerina, if you used to dance there are a few tell-tale signs that probably only another dancer would notice. There were definitely plenty of downsides to your passion (like people never understanding why you need to practice every. Single. Day) but there were also lots of positives like having a dependable girl gang.

Signs You Used to Be a Dancer


1. Your bones crack randomly

Neck, back, hands, hips, toes, everything has to be cracked and boy does it feel good. Except it’s sort of gross for everyone else around you. After years and years of putting your body through torture it’s now rewarding you with little pops and cracks.

2. Last minute Halloween costumes

Just admit it. Every ex dancer has used one or two of their dance outfits as a Halloween costume because it’s just so damn easy! Through that leotard on with some bunny ears and you’re good to go.

3. People expect you to kill it on the dancefloor

Even though you nailed your choreography back in the day doesn’t mean as soon as you hear a Pitbull song you immediately know how to break it down, especially after a tequila or two.

4. Dance Mom’s brings back memories

Sometimes painful ones as well as good ones. Those Moms are definitely not messing around when it comes to living vicariously through their daughters.

5. You cherish the tapes

While most of your friends have collected medals, certificates and cute little participation trophies you have a collection of dance tapes. Every once in a while the dust will be wiped off and you’ll reminisce about the good old dancing days.

6. You’ve been to a chiropractor…

And one of his first questions was “Were you a dancer/gymnast when you were younger?” Oh and he totally told you off for cracking your bones and stretching.

7. Hairspray will never be the same

The smell reminds you of the final moments before prancing on stage and it still gives you slight anxiety. While a lot of your friends just use it as a quick fix for wayward hair you know it will always be so much more than that.

8. Dance movies make you a little sad

Sure they make you long for the days when everything revolved around routines, choreography and timing but now every time you see Save the Last Dance or Step Up you feel a little sad deep inside.

9. Your bun is always on point

After sometimes a decade of swooping your locks into a tight bun you know how to nail it in about 3 seconds and all your friends are always dumbfounded.

10. 5,6,7,8 aren’t just numbers

Even when someone is just counting you panic for a second and scream (maybe just internally) What’s my choreography?!

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