6 Signs You Turn Him On

As a woman, sometimes you’ll find that guys can be a little confusing with their intentions. They unintentionally send you mix messages that leave you thinking, is he attracted to me or am I not turning him on? Sometimes it’s the little things that turn guys on, not necessarily pulling out the big guns with ear nibbling and tickles. Here are a few signs that you are in fact, definitely turning him on.

Signs You Turn Him On


1. Sitting on his lap

Sometimes you just need a comfy spot to sit and when it happens to be your guy’s lap the chances are he won’t be complaining. It’s a little display of affection that isn’t always intended to be a turn on but when your guy is really into you, even this can lead to the bedroom.

2. Prolonged kissing

You don’t even need to use your tongue, just a soft kiss that lasts a little longer than expected can seriously turn him on. If you’re about to leave him it’s a good idea to bring out one of these kisses and he’ll definitely be thinking about it when you’re gone.

3. Strategic tattoos

If you happen to have a tattoo that sits in a subtly sexual spot, it will make his imagination run wild. Where does it go? What leads to that tattoo? He’ll never know and it will drive him crazy!

4. Accidental grazes

Have you ever had to squeeze passed your guy to get somewhere? To you it was just a way to get from point A to point B but for him it was a bit too much of a turn on. Especially if you happened to graze passed him with your breasts against his chest.

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5. Thigh gaps

Most girls are jealous of any other girl that has one, but for a guy it’s basically a massive gleaming light saying HELLO. Love them or hate them most guys cannot turn away from a thigh gap.

6. Being a tease

Sometimes, less is more. Casual tickles in hot spots like his lower torso and neck can be just enough to get him going. If you are wanting to leave him wanting more than being a bit of a tease is a good way to get what you want.

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