10 Signs You Talk Too Much

If you’ve ever been called a blabbermouth, chances are you talk too much. Well, you talk too much for society’s liking. While it’s often portrayed as a negative trait, what really is so wrong about wanting to talk every moment of the day? Nothing! Here are 10 signs you talk too much.

Signs You Talk Too Much


1. Holding back isn’t your thing

When someone interjects their opinion you cannot help but throw yours in too. Sometimes you literally have to stop yourself from blurting out something but it is definitely one of the most painful things you’ve ever done. This is habit is made even worse when someone says something stupid. Then all hell breaks loose.

2. Being alone is painful

When there isn’t anyone else to talk to, sometimes you just have to talk to yourself. Some people might think it’s crazy but as long as you aren’t answering back, it’s completely normal, right? If you are the type of talker who needs someone else to have a conversation with being alone can be just downright painful.

3. You interrupt people

And it’s a problem. Nobody likes to hang out with someone who cuts them off every 5 seconds to put in their ideas. If you constantly find yourself being death stared from across the table, then you should probably stop interrupting everyone. Sometimes though, it isn’t your fault and you feel it’s your duty to tell Dave his idea was dumb.

4. You get a lot of head nodding

When people get so annoyed to the point that they simply can’t even deal with you talking anymore, they will simply nod their heads in the hope it will shut you up. That doesn’t stop you though, it’s just fuel to the fire and they have no idea what’s coming for them.

5. Exaggerating is key

In order to make your constant stories and re telling of half true stories more interesting, you have to exaggerate. Maybe even modify the story a little bit to make it more tantalizing.

6. Speed helps stop interrupters

If you find yourself speeding up your words just so that nobody gets the chance to interrupt you, first of all slow down. Then, maybe take a step back and stop talking for a moment. Let someone else speak, at least for as long as you can manage that.

7. Social media is another tool for your talking

When you don’t have a real life person to communicate with, you’ll take anything you can get and start blabbing online. You take enjoyment in starting Twitter feuds and arguments on Instagram pictures.

8. No topic is off limits

This tends to happen mainly because you’ve talked so much about everything else you need to come up with something else asap. Usually starting a conversation about something a little naughty will help get other people involved too, even if you have to be offensive to make it happen.

9. People don’t get too personal with you

It’s become quite a well-known fact that when it comes to casual acquaintances people are more inclined to enjoy the company of them when they know them less. So if you’re a bit of a blabbermouth chances are you’ve already told them about the time you didn’t make it to the toilet in public and the time you slashed your ex’s tyres.

10. Everyone physically moves away from you

This one is a little harsh but sometimes reality hurts, okay? If you find yourself 30 seconds into a story about utter bullsh*t and the person physically shifts their body or diverts their eyes away from you, they desperately want the conversation to stop so how about you do that?

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