8 Signs You Should Quit Smoking

Perhaps you’ve tried to quite once or twice before, or maybe you’ve never really given it a go because you didn’t want to fail. Either way, deciding to quit smoking is a life changing moment for every smoker, whether they’ve been smoking a pack a day for 20 years or only just recently picked up the habit. It can seem daunting at first but once you’ve decided to let them go for good, you’ll never pick up another again.

Signs You Should Quit Smoking


1. It’s impacting your relationships

With your partner, parents or even work colleagues. If someone close to you really hates your habit and it’s starting to impact the way you two communicate and interact, it’s time to ditch the cigarettes. What’s more important at the end of the day, smoking or someone you love?

2. You are self-conscious about your smell

Chances are if you are a habitual smoker you probably smell like your favorite pass time. You might not be able to smell it but everyone around you can and if it’s starting to have a negative effect on the way you think of yourself, quitting is the next step. There’s only so much perfume and gum can mask the smell.

3. It has taken control of your life

If the moment you run out of cigarettes leaves you feeling stressed, anxious and bolting to the shops for more then you might have let smoking become the ruler of your life. Another thing to look out for is if you base your activities for the day around your smoking, is the restaurant smokers friendly? Will there be a shop nearby if I run out? Does anyone else there smoke as well? These aren’t questions most people have to ask themselves.

4. The little people are taking notice

No, not the leprechaun in your dream. The children and young people in your life are some of the most susceptible to your habit and if they see you as a role model and you’re smoking, it’s only normal for them to think it’s okay for them to do that.

5. You’ve noticed changes in your health

You’ve maybe developed a lovely morning cough that wasn’t there last year or the faint lines around your lips are now well, really obvious. These might seem like something you can push to the side but once a few things start popping up it won’t be long until you’re knee deep in health issues wishing you had quit 10 years ago.

6. You’re embarrassed about your addiction

Let’s face it, smoking isn’t cool anymore. While once upon a time back in the 50’s it was somewhat fashionable to be puffing on a cancer stick, now it’s not. If you find yourself meeting a new person and prolonging the time until they find out you’re a smoker, then you should take that as a sign to quit.

7. It’s sending you broke

With prices of cigarettes going up drastically in the last few years, it’s no longer affordable for most people to be spending a fair chunk of their pay check on something that is essentially pointless. If you find yourself pinching pennies to pay for your packet, find a way to quit today.

8. You want to quit

There is no amount of hassling, begging and pleading people can do that will make you quit unless you are willing to change. Quitting is difficult but rewarding as well and if you aren’t 100% on board, it won’t last.

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