5 Signs You Need Xanax

Signs You Need Xanax


For a lot of people Xanax is what helps them get through the day. If you had crippling anxiety wouldn’t you want to take a little pill that essentially eliminates it? Of course! However, with nearly 40 million American’s suffering from anxiety and nearly 47 million individuals with a prescription for the drug, how do you know if you need it even if you don’t have an anxiety disorder?

1. Your doctor/therapist has recommended it

Your doctor has recommended it


This is a pretty sure sign that you might need the help of a prescription medication. Even if you didn’t necessarily seek out the doctor because you wanted Xanax, if your doctor is telling you they think it’s a good idea for you to go on a low dose of Xanax periodically, it might be the best thing for your mental health.

2. Anxiety is taking over your life

Anxiety is taking over your life


If you haven’t actually been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, you might be suffering in silence. Whether it’s been brought on by stress, grief or a traumatic experience, once anxiety becomes the ruler of your life it’s best to seek out professional help.

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3. You can’t concentrate

You can’t concentrate - 5 Signs You Need Xanax


One of the first signs that something is going on mentally is that it shows in your work and personal life. Things you used to find somewhat easy and mundane like replying to copious amount of emails are now overwhelming and you simply can’t find it in you to focus. Although it might not necessarily be due to anxiety, it could be a stress related mental health issue that can be addressed with both management and medication.

4. A big event is coming up and you are stressed

A big event is coming up and you are stressed - 5 Signs You Need Xanax


Some people simply have a prescription for Xanax because they hate flying and find it too mentally draining and stressful to endure a long haul flight. This is pretty common and a lot of people are able to take Xanax once or twice when needed and not end up with an addiction.

5. You can’t sleep

You can’t sleep - 5 Signs You Need Xanax


While Xanax is typically used for panic and anxiety disorders, some users claim that they simply take them to get a good night sleep. Unlike traditional sleeping pills which aren’t as common and readily available, acquiring Xanax is fairly straight forward. Xanax aims to calm and relax which for a lot of insomnia sufferers is all they need to finally be able to close their eyes!

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