5 Signs You Need A Root Canal

Nobody looks forward to having a root canal. It can be something people often put off for months or even years because they are worried or nervous. Essentially what a root canal does is extract the nerves and vessels that were once used to provide your teeth with nutrients but are now useless or have become infected. Sometimes you won’t realize you need one until you go in for a dental checkup but there are a few tell-tale signs that you can look out for.

Signs You Need a Root Canal


1. Intense tooth pain

Intense Tooth Pain - 5 Signs You Need A Root Canal


Not your usual pain when chomping into an ice cream type of pain but more like you can’t do any sort of movement or activity with your mouth without feeling pain. A lot of the time the culprit is a cavity that has been left untreated and now has caused an infection within the roots and nerves which is what’s causing the pain.

2. Swollen gums

Swollen Gums - 5 Signs You Need A Root Canal


Especially around the affected tooth or teeth. It usually means there is something lurking just below the surface that is causing the inflammation. While it might be a gum infection or could also be an infected nerve or root that has been left and started to swell.

3. Broken tooth

Broken Tooth - 5 Signs You Need A Root Canal


While you will probably notice a broken tooth, you might not notice the infected root below the broken tooth. When the root and nerve are exposed they are much more likely to become infected and could potentially be so bad that the tooth needs to be extracted.

4. Sensitivity to cold

Sensitivity To Cold - 5 Signs You Need A Root Canal


Since sometimes the root or nerve is exposed when you sip on some ice or crunch down on an ice cream the pain can be excruciating. You’ll find yourself alternating from sides of your mouth just to stop the pain, while there might be another reason for your pain once you’ve been to the dentist they will analyze what option is best, which is sometimes a root canal.

5. Sensitivity to heat

Sensitivity To Heat - 5 Signs You Need A Root Canal


Just like with cold, you might find sipping on your favorite cup of coffee pushes your pain to the extreme. Whereas with icy food you might find it more of a stabbing pain, with heat it’ll probably be more of a dull ache. Either way, if you are experiencing any of these symptoms it’s best to ask your local dentist for their opinion.