6 Signs You Might Have HIV

While it might be one of the deadliest and scariest diseases circulating the globe, it also happens to be one that is making leaps and bounds when it comes to finding a cure. Most people who end up being diagnosed with HIV say that they felt flu like symptoms within a month or two, however for others the illness lay dormant for years before rearing its head. So, in saying that if you feel as though you might have been infected, here are some of the signs to look out for.

Signs You Might Have HIV


1. Increased temperature

While having a fever might be a sign of a whole host of sicknesses and diseases that aren’t nearly as serious as HIV, a prolonged fever coupled with other symptoms like swollen glands and fatigue could be one of the first signs you may be HIV positive. A mild fever of around 102 degrees Fahrenheit is a symptom a lot of sufferers noticed before they were diagnosed.

2. Body aches and pains

A lot of the time HIV goes unnoticed until it progresses because some of the medical signs mimic that of the common cold or flu. Body aches and pains that last longer than normal shouldn’t be taken lightly and if you suspect you might have been infected, it’s time to go see your doctor.

3. Extreme fatigue

Feeling tired after a long day at the office is completely normal but feeling winded just by walking (unless that’s normal for you) isn’t. Extreme exhaustion and fatigue can be signs of either the very beginning stages of HIV or more advanced. Some sufferers claim to not have felt tired until years after their diagnosis.

4. Skin rashes and boils

If you have noticed unexplained rashes, boils or scabs have formed on different areas of your body and you don’t have a reasonable explanation for them, you should think about getting a HIV test. Once the immune system is compromised it is difficult for the body and blood to repair itself and a lot of the time these things show up on the surface.

5. Dry cough

A dry cough that has decided to hang around for months and months on end shouldn’t be something you take lightly, especially if you suspect you might have been infected. These persistent coughs can last years for a HIV sufferer and can lead to lung infections and pneumonia.

6. Yeast infections

Thrush is a common side effect of HIV and can develop with either the early or late stages of the illness. It can either be in the mouth or oesophagus and tends to make it difficult to swallow. Keep in mind that the medical community is making great strides in HIV management so the earlier you get tested – the better!