5 Signs You Might Be UGLY

Have you been single forever or does it sometimes feel as though the opposite sex might find you unappealing? Well, it’s sad to say but you might just be downright ugly. It might be in part due to your ugly personality or it could be the fact you resemble Shrek (don’t worry he found love in the end too). Either way here is 5 signs you might be ugly.

Signs You Might Be UGLY


1. You’re complimented on your personality

Nobody ever takes the time to say something about the fact you lost 1 lb but they always go on and on about how “nice” you are. Remember, hot people don’t need to be nice because they’re attractiveness outweighs the fact they have the sense of humour of a pig.

2. You’re the funny friend

When someone mentions you in passing you’re always referred to as the funny one. Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill and Rebel Wilson are a few people you might have some things in common with. Granted nobody is racing to jump into bed with any of them but at least they have their jokes to keep them company.

3. Brother/sister zoned

This is way worse than friend zoned. Your supposed friend has gone to the next level and not only called you a friend but you’re so unfu*ckable that you are now like a sibling to them. It’s not you, it’s your face.

4. Your celebrity doppelganger is fugly

Now, chances are if you went to high school you were at some point given a celebrity look alike. While your friends were told they resembled Kristen Dunst or Megan Fox, you were lumped with Amy Schumer.

5. You can’t even look at yourself

If you struggle to even look at yourself, how do you think other people look at you? While everyone has off days where they would rather poke themselves in the eye than look at their face again, you have those days 24/7. It’s unfortunate but hey, someone has to be the funny friend right?

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