7 Signs You Might Be Addicted to Xanax

If you’ve found yourself a regular user of Xanax, you aren’t alone. In 2011 there were 47,792, 000 prescriptions of Xanax filled in the United States alone. While most people who suffer from either a panic disorder or anxiety make sure to take it only as prescribed and don’t suffer from any addictive behavior, there are some who end up addicted to the drug and are worse off than before they started taking them. Here are 7 signs you might be addicted to Xanax.

Signs You Might Be Addicted to Xanax


1. Someone in your family is

Research has shown that addictive behaviour is genetic and that it can be passed down through the family. So it only makes sense that if someone in your family is suffering from the same panic or anxiety disorder you do then you also might both be more susceptible to addiction.

2. You’re young

Sadly, if you are between the ages of 18-25 you are about double as likely to use and abuse Xanax. The 2013 National Survey on Drug Use and Health found that young people were using the drug for non-medical purposes.

3. Mood changes

Although Xanax itself is meant to in fact help people suffering from a mental health issue, a lot of the time once it becomes an addiction it’s impact on the root cause of your issues changes as well. It goes from being something that helps you maintain balance to something that if you can’t have – you become aggressive, agitated, frustrated and sometimes even violent.

4. Behavioural changes

Maybe your friend has started to take notice of the fact you are unable to hold a conversation anymore or perhaps it’s the third time you’ve shown up late for work in a week. These issues might seem unimportant to someone addicted to Xanax but once it starts impacting the people around you, it’s no longer worth the trouble.

5. Tremors

A lot of Xanax addicts say that they sometimes experience uncontrollable hand or feet tremors when they either start to have withdrawals or when they have taken too much at once. While Xanax is meant to have a somewhat calming effect, if you happen to have taken too much you’ll experience both drowsiness and the inability to stop twitching.

6. You have another mental health issue

Sometimes people who are prescribed Xanax also have a co-occurring disorder like PTSD, bi polar or a personality disorder. This not only leaves you more vulnerable to addiction but it also means that you might also be mixing medication in order to balance both issues which in turn makes it a lot easier to fall into an addictive cycle.

7. You’ve been taking them for a long time

Not just a couple months, but years on end. While most doctors will try to either lower the dosage you are prescribed or wean you off it completely over time, that becomes a lot harder when someone has been using the medication as a crutch for up to a decade. If you have been using it for as long as you remember, you might be addicted without even really knowing.

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