5 Signs You May Need Glasses

Let’s face it. Nobody really wants glasses, just like when you were a teenager you really didn’t want to have braces. However, turns out a lot of people really do need glasses and can actually greatly benefit from them. Whether you need them for reading, driving or just to see the person in front of you, there is no shame in needing them and here are a few signs to look out for.

Signs You May Need Glasses


1. You’ve noticed a change

Sometimes the first thing people notice when their vision has change is that they aren’t able to see the television as well. While it might seem like something unimportant, if you were able to see your favorite show fine a couple months ago and now you struggle to make out which character is which, it’s time to book an eye exam.

2. Headaches are more frequent.

If you’ve noticed that when you’re reading, writing or looking at your phone you’ve started to get more and more headaches, it could be down to your vision. Your eyes are responsible for a lot of the headaches you suffer from so if you are noticing they are more severe and frequent, go see your doctor.

3. Things are getting blurry

Don’t blame the two beers you had at lunch either for your double vision. If objects that you used to once be able to see perfectly are now looking a little more…out of whack, then chances are a trip to the optometrist will be able to solve that issue.

4. You struggle in different lighting

Whether it’s going from a dark bedroom into the daylight or from a movie theatre to the bright lights of a shopping center, if your eyes are struggling to adjust to changes in lighting, it could be a simply fixed with a pair of prescription glasses.

5. Your eyes are physically sore

If you find yourself rubbing, squinting and straining just to see things that everyone else is finding easy, it could be that your eyes are under so much stress and are trying so hard to keep up with you that they are physically tired. A pair of glasses would be able to take the pressure off them and let you get back to seeing things normally.