6 Signs You May Have Cancer

Severe pain - 6 Signs You May Have Cancer


3. Severe pain

Depending on the type of cancer you may experience prolonged periods of pain in the affected area. Cancer’s like bone, brain and ovarian cancers do tend to first be noticed because of the pain associated with it. However, a lot of cancer’s have no pain whatsoever.

4. Unhealed sores

From mouth ulcers that haven’t healed to scabs that have taken far too long to disappear, these scabs can be a sign that either your immune system isn’t functioning normally or that the type of cancer (like mouth or oral) is showing up on the surface.

5. Unexplained bleeding

If your morning cough has started to turn bloody or your normal discharge doesn’t look so normal anymore, it’s a sign that you need to see a doctor as soon as possible. Cancer’s like lung can take a while to develop enough for you to see the physical effects of it so as soon as you notice a change in your body, consult a professional asap.

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