5 Signs You Knew Someone in a Previous Life

Even if you don’t spend your days rubbing crystals and cleansing your house with sage doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate the spiritual things in life. Like, for example when you accidentally meet someone and feel like you’ve known them literally forever. While it’s a once in a lifetime moment it definitely doesn’t happen to everyone so to help you out here are 5 signs you knew someone in a previous life.

Signs You Knew Someone in a Previous Life


1. You connect

Not just because you’re three sangrias deep and start talking about your exes but a real true connection. The conversation isn’t forced and from the moment you interact it feels comfortable. It’s an instantaneous kind of feeling that you’ve found a safe place to discuss the things that matter most to you.

2. You become overwhelmed with emotions

Maybe you feel the need to let out all the tears you’ve been holding in or on the other hand you might be finally able to laugh like you’ve never done before. Since you feel so comfortable with this person you aren’t afraid to show your true emotions and sometimes upon first meeting them this can be like unleashing the flood gates. Don’t worry though, since this person is basically your soul mate they’ll completely understand and probably feel the exact same way.

3. You share memories

Obviously not ones where you actually met otherwise that would be a whole other level of weird. Instead, you’ll have similar stories of the past. Maybe you both where in the same place at the same time and had similar experiences. Say for example as children you went to the same park and for some reason you both fell off. While this isn’t a past life memory it connects you.

4. Time is definitely not of the essence

You get lost together for hours and it feels like you’ve been chatting for a minute. In a sense, nothing feels like reality and instead in a way you are transported back to your previous life together and forget for a moment you are in the 21st century.

5. There aren’t any barriers

Barriers like age, race, careers, social circles – none of that really matters. You might be two years apart in age or ten but for some reason that isn’t an issue like it normally is. Since you talk about things that aren’t age or race related, you can connect even when you aren’t on the same life path. There isn’t anyone else you feel that with and you want to cherish it no matter what.

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