6 Signs You Just Had a Seizure

If you don’t have a history of seizures or epileptic fits, it can be a little bit difficult pinpointing whether or not you’ve actually just had a seizure. Symptoms can vary and the unpredictability of them can be worrisome and stressful, if you have experienced some of these symptoms and are concerned you might have just had a seizure, contact your doctor and organise an appointment.

1. Having an out of body experience

It’s a hard feeling to describe unless you have actually experienced in first hand. Feelings of detachment and not being connected to your body are pretty normal during and after a seizure. A lot of sufferers even say that they feel a strange connection and familiarity with faces and people they actually don’t know.

2. Falling and collapsing

Unless there is another reason for falling then randomly collapsing to the ground is something you need to take direct action against. Head to the doctor straight away or if you are incapable of doing that then call emergency services. This is especially important if you have hit your head on the way down.

3. Uncontrollable jerking

Everyone can experience jolting and jerking movements from time to time but if you are having an episode of frequent and uncontrollable jerking of your arms, legs or other body parts is a sign of a seizure.

4. Memory loss

While blacking out can be scary, it’s a sign of something far more serious going on inside your brain and is definitely cause for concern. If you are losing periods of time and aren’t sure why and it’s making you worried, get yourself to your doctor as soon as possible.

5. Tingling in your limbs

Unless you’ve just woken up from a nap where you spent the entire time lying on your arm, randomly having tingling limbs or feelings of “electricity” coursing through your body isn’t normal. It can be a minor sign that you are having or just experienced a seizure.

6. Losing control of your bodily functions

This is definitely probably one of the worst parts of a seizure but luckily it doesn’t happen to everyone who has seizures. Losing control of your bladder or bowel is a symptom that people who regularly have seizures experience every once and a while. If this happens to you, don’t stress out simply see your doctor as soon as you can.