5 Signs You Just Had a Miscarriage

It can be a devastating experience, whether you knew you were pregnant or not a miscarriage is difficult to handle. There are plenty of symptoms, some which you would expect to experience and others that can come as a surprise. It’s important to understand that a miscarriage early on in the pregnancy occurs in about 1 in 5 pregnancies. While it’s sad, it is definitely better to find out sooner rather than later that you had a miscarriage, for your own peace of mind and health.

Signs You Just Had a Miscarriage


1. Cramping

If you are experiencing a miscarriage you will feel mild to severe cramps that mimic those you feel during a normal period. However, at times the pain can be quite severe and this would be a good time to head to the doctors.

2. Passing fluid

Contrary to what you see in Hollywood films, it’s not always a rush of blood (although it can be) that you first notice in a miscarriage. It can be anything from clear to pink fluid that comes on quite suddenly and doesn’t stop. Although the presence of blood during a pregnancy is definitely cause for concern, it does happen sometimes even if you aren’t experiencing a miscarriage.

3. Blood clots and tissue

This is the next level of a miscarriage, it might start with a little bit of blood or spotting and progress until you are passing tissue, blood clots and at times you might be able to see parts of the foetus. If you are miscarrying at home try to stay calm and call a doctor or for an ambulance.

4. Loss of pregnancy symptoms

Loss of symptoms usually only happens to women that are already a fair way into their pregnancy and are experiencing things like nausea, movement and cravings. While losing pregnancy symptoms can be one of the first signs of something not quite right, it’s definitely worth checking in with your midwife.

5. Back pain

It’s fairly normal to have some sort of back pain during a pregnancy since you are carrying a lot of weight on the front of your body. However just like with the cramping, severe back pain that doesn’t feel quite right to you can be a sign of a miscarriage. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, call your midwife or doctor and double check everything is okay with your baby.