10 Signs You Have NO Patience

Everybody gets a little frustrated from time to time but when you have absolutely no patience it can sometimes feel as though you are surrounded by a bunch of lunatics. Other than dealing with people walking slowly down a busy footpath, having no patience can be really well, annoying!


1. Other drivers are the reason you drink

Well, you know not at the same time that you’re driving but when somebody is going under the speed limit and refusing to budge, things tend to get a little hairy. They’ll be lucky to get away with a few curse words.

2. People who take too long to tell stories make you want to scream

They start out at a good pace but end up taking 5 minutes to get to the point! All you want is the crux of the story you don’t need all the fluff but that’s because you’re impatient. Most people can handle long winded stories but you simply do not have time for that.

3. Waiting for people is torture

When you scan the menu at a café or restaurant it takes you at the most…2 minutes while everyone else is still tossing up between the chicken Cesar salad or the satay noodle salad you’ve already decided what you’re having and what to have for dessert.

4. When people interrupt you, you lost it

Maybe they are just really interested in your story and want to know more, or maybe they are secretly out to make your life a living hell. Either way when someone interrupts you they are lucky to get away without a black eye.

5. You’re on time

Always. You are probably ready 15 minutes before you even have to leave just because you want to be at your destination already. So, you spend the 15 minutes just waiting for the clock to tick over. Being early is weird but being on time is essential.

6. 15 Items or Less

You obey the 15 items or less rule in the express check out que because it makes sense. People in a hurry don’t want to wait behind someone with 23 items and a walking stick. Go to the other register people! You try your best not to scream but usually end up ditching the groceries and coming back later.

7. If the teacher picks another student first, all hell breaks loose

Nothing frustrates you more than having to wait for someone else and this is no exception. Even if they get the answer correct it still took them 5 seconds longer to say it than it would have taken you.

8. Long introduction’s suck

Whether it’s for a movie, TV show or a music video having to wait up to 2 minutes just for the show to start is so annoying you usually fast forward.

9. Time consuming things are the bane of your existence

Researching, editing, double checking, clarifying, backing up all these things are just time out of your day and that’s just plain annoying.

10. Loading, loading, loading

Nothing is more mind numbing than watching that little bar on the Netflix or internet connection to load. Refresh, refresh, refresh until it works.

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