5 Signs You Have Mice

While pet mice might sound cute when they are happily munching away on treats in their cages, if you have a mouse infestation in your home it will be anything but cute. Not only are they filthy and dirty but they rarely ever live on their own so chances are when you see one there are plenty more lurking beneath your floorboards. Here are some signs to look out for when it comes to mice running amuck in your house.

Signs You Have Mice


1. You can hear them

Quiet as a mouse is a very misleading term since they actually happen to make a fair amount of noise. From scratching and nibbling to squeaking you’ll probably hear them before you see them.

2. Little holes everywhere

Mainly with your food and packaged items. Mice love to nibble and you’ll notice that the bottom of packets of dog food, cereal and even flour have tell-tale bit marks.

3. They’ve figured out a route

Mice don’t like to be noticed so they’ll make sure they figure out a safe route around your pantry before they actually go in for the kill. You’ll find dirt and feces along the wall instead of in the middle of the room.

4. There are nests

Mice won’t just bring their babies into the world in any old nest, they’ll make it nice and cozy. So lots of debris and rubbish will be piled in a hidden corner away from prying eyes, even if the mouse itself is nowhere to be seen.

5. There is feces and urine everywhere

Mice are quite gross, and they also happen to be very talented at going to the toilet whilst doing their daily activities. So unlike other animals that only go in one area, mice go anywhere they like. Their urine also happens to only be visible under a black light, but don’t worry you’ll definitely be able to smell it.