6 Signs You Have Chlamydia

One of the main issues surrounding chlamydia and treating it is that it can be a silent illness. A lot of people aren’t even aware they have it until they go in for a check-up. However, prolonged exposure to the infection can leave women with serious health complications. So, if for whatever reason you suspect you might have chlamydia, here are some of the signs and symptoms to look out for.

Signs You Have Chlamydia


1. Abnormal discharge

This can impact both men and women. For the ladies if you find that your normal discharge has changed colour into more of a yellowish and more pungent type of discharge, it could be a sign of chlamydia. Whereas for men, discharge isn’t as common so any type should be noted. If you find a milkier or watery discharge coming out of your penis it could be down to chlamydia.

2. Pain during sex

While women are certainly more prone to pain during sex than men, it is usually down to some sort of reproductive health issue like chlamydia or PCOS. Either way, if you are experiencing pain during or after sex it might be because of an STI.

3. Burning when you urinate

Both men and women should take serious notice when urinating is painful. While it might be something as mundane as a pesky UTI, it could also mean there is something much more serious lurking inside. Whether it happens once or more frequently, it shouldn’t ever be painful to pee so definitely head to your local doctor and sort it out.

4. It’s not just downstairs

Some people might not be aware but STI’s can affect more than just your genitalia. Chlamydia itself can infect your eyes, mouth and throat depending on how the infection was contracted. If your eyes and throat are itchy, red, inflamed or sore and you can’t put it down to a cold or flu, it might be a sign of chlamydia.

5. Swollen testicles

This one is just for the men who think they might be infected with chlamydia. Although it isn’t the first sign that most people notice, it can be a symptom of an infection that has been left untreated for some time. If you find that your testicles have changed in appearance in any way, it’s time for a visit to the local sexual health clinic.

6. You suspect your partner of having it

Now, whether or not the infection was contracted of a period of different encounters or just one, if you suspect for any reason that you know who gave it to you, get checked.