5 Signs You Have Bed Bugs

Signs You Have Bed Bugs


Nobody particularly wants to have the gross little insects infest their bed but the reality is, at some point in your life you are probably going to have to deal with them. Now, before you overreact the best thing to do is to make sure you actually have them! Here are some useful signs to help you figure out whether you have bed bugs.

1. You’ve been bitten

You’ve been bitten


One of the first signs you will notice is that the little creepy crawlies have managed to nibble at your skin and left red marks. Usually in places that spend the most time lying on the mattress, so your back and legs. While they aren’t dangerous they can be really annoying and uncomfortable.

2. Sleepless nights

Sleepless nights


Of course since you’re being bitten by the pests at night, it’s only natural that the itching and swelling will leave you restless. If you’re becoming increasingly itchy and irritated (and it’s not because of the person sleeping next to you) you might have bed bugs.

3. Smelly bed

Smelly bed


If you are unlucky enough to have a multitude of them nesting in your bed, then the smell they give off will remind you of a wet towel that has sat out in the sun all day. It’s because of the pheromones they give off and when there is a whole host of them, the smell is quite pungent.

4. You can see traces of them

You can see traces of them


If you are still unsure whether or not bed bugs have taken up residence in your mattress, it’s time to inspect. Remove the sheet and using a magnifying glass looking around the seams and lining for reddish-brown stains. Sometimes, when you have a bad infestation, you will be able to see them crawling around.

5. They are everywhere

They are everywhere


Okay, maybe not everywhere but bed bugs also like to cling to clothing so once you’ve given your bed a thorough investigation, next up is your closet. Take special care when looking through your sleepwear and any clothes that may have been sitting on your bed recently. If you are certain you have bed bugs living in your bedroom, it’s time to call the extermintator!