5 Signs You Have Asthma

Some people can suffer through years of wheezing and chest pain before they are eventually diagnosed with asthma. On the other hand, some are diagnosed at an early age and learn to manage the illness as best they can. If you think you might be showing symptoms of asthma there is no harm in asking your general practitioner, so that you can have peace of mind. Here are 5 signs and symptoms to look out for.

Signs You Have Asthma


1. Frequent coughing

Especially at night and during the colder months you’ll find you can’t quite kick the winter cough. Whereas with a normal cough it might come and go throughout the year if the cough you have is the result of asthma, it’ll stick around and show no signs of going away.

2. Shortness of breath

This isn’t just for people who haven’t exercised in a while getting a little short of breath when they’ve just had to run for the bus. If it is asthmatic you will find yourself short of breath when doing normal, non strenuous activities like walking upstairs. If you’ve noticed that this is becoming quite a regular problem for you, it’s best to get it checked out as soon as possible.

3. Wheezing

While wheezing itself can be a sign of a whole array of medical conditions, if it’s combined with shortness of breath and chest pain, you’re looking at a brutal asthma concoction. Typically wheezing is categorized by a high pitched whistling sound when you inhale, it can be uncomfortable and distressing especially for children.

4. Chest pain

This is mainly because your lungs and chest are inflamed from the strain asthma has put on them and can cause some tightness in your chest. Not so intense that it leaves you in pain but enough for you to take notice.

5. Increase in cold and flu symptoms

Asthma tends to make you more prone to other infections like influenza and the common cold. It also makes it a lot harder to get rid of the symptoms, which makes you susceptible to other more serious lung infections. This is one of the reasons people with asthma need to stay vigilant with their asthma action plans.

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