7 Signs You Got the Job

The days following a job interview can go painstakingly slow. Did you or did you not get the job!? Even when you think you’ve aced it, sometimes it just doesn’t work in your favor. However, there are a few signs that could mean you’re about to be offered the job!

Signs You Got the Job


1. You’ve been called back

It’s always a good sign when you are asked to come in for a second round of interviews. Maybe the first one was a group style interview or they might have a series of interviews lined up to help them figure out the perfect candidate. Either way, if you get a call back – it’s always a good sign.

2. They’re selling you the company

Most of the time when you’re trying to get a job you’re the one that needs to do the selling, of yourself. However, if you find that the boss or manager you are speaking with is in fact actually trying to sell you the company, you’re on the right track.

3. Your interview has been extended

Initially, the hiring manager said the interview would probably go for about X amount of time. Now that you’re there though you realize that the interview has been extended, considerably. This is a great sign! It means they are interested and willing to prolong the interview to really get to know you better.

4. They are doing background checks

This is the time to run if you’ve ever done something naughty and didn’t tell your potential employer about it. Only kidding (but seriously). The fact they are taking the time to double check your references and criminal history is a sign they are seriously considering hiring you. They wouldn’t go to the trouble unless they were hoping everything checked out.

5. All about the wording

If during the interview you notice the person interviewing you is saying words like “You would or you will” rather than “you might or the potential candidate would have to”. It always pays off to pay attention to little things like this.

6. They introduce you

Like a proud parent during the office tour they start introducing you to other people. You are introduced to everyone from managers, potential colleagues to peers and you’re starting to feel like you’re already part of the team!

7. They need to know how to contact you

If they weren’t interested in hiring you then simply an email address would suffice. However, if they are seriously thinking about hiring you then they need to be able to call you to tell you the good news. So, if at some point during the interview they ask “What is the best way to reach you?” you can silently give yourself a high five.

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