8 Signs You Don’t Have Cancer

It’s something that even the most rational mind can jump to when sitting in a doctor’s office waiting for some part of their anatomy to be tested. It’s no surprise really, when everything we do we are told adds to our risk of getting cancer. However, if you are spending endless amount of time worrying and stressing over the potential for cancer to creep up on you, here are some signs to help ease your mind.

Signs You Don’t Have Cancer


1. You’ve had it for ages

That headache, cough or spot that you’ve had for years isn’t something you should necessarily worry about. If you are prone to migraines and think that you might be having more severe ones, it could be down to lifestyle choices rather than the Big C.

2. Symptoms that come and go

Cancer tends to be something that sticks around for a while. Whether that be a persistent feeling of dizziness that hangs around for weeks or a pain that won’t stop burning, it isn’t usually something that comes and goes.

3. You’re under 40

Of the most common cancers (lung, bowel, gullet, womb and stomach) less than 1 % of patients are under 40. So if you are in your twenties and are passed your childhood years you have a very good chance of not having cancer.

4. You don’t smoke

Of course if you don’t smoke, drink alcohol or eat unhealthy food that would be great but even just not smoking can greatly reduce your chances and risk of suffering from cancer. Sadly, smoking can be linked to about 14 different cancers.

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5. It’s just a headache

Whether you’re a hypochondriac or just hyper vigilant with how your body works, a lot of people who suffer from a headache immediately jump to brain tumour. Now, it’s important to understand that if you are only experiencing a headache pain and nothing else (like dizziness, confusion or nausea) it’s probably exactly that – just a headache.

6. It hurts on both sides

Of your breasts that is. Of course it’s normal for women to worry about breast cancer and feeling pain is one of the first signs that sends women to their GP for a mammogram. However, if you are experiencing the same sort of pain in both breasts, it’s probably something other than a cancerous lump.

7. Your doctor says everything is okay

So you’ve been proactive and gone to get tested and the results have come back and everything is fine. Relax! This is what you were waiting for. A lot of people want to get a second opinion just in case or worry that the doctor missed something but you need to put trust in the people who are handling your medical issues.

8. It’s a painful lump

Of course there are some exceptions however most of the time cancerous lumps like in the breast or elsewhere on the body don’t tend to be painful. Sometimes painful lumps turn out to be infected glands or cysts.

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