8 Signs You Don’t Have ADHD

ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is something that a lot of people suffer from for years without being diagnosed. However, most of the time even if you’re feeling scatter brained, unable to concentrate or stressed out chances are you don’t have ADHD. So, if you think you might be suffering in silence from ADHD here are some signs to look out for to ease your mind.

Signs You Don’t Have ADHD


1. You can finish things

On time as well! Most people with ADHD struggle to complete anything in a timely manner. They get side-tracked or literally find it impossible to concentrate for long enough to complete a task. So, if you are able to finish things, even in the nick of time you probably don’t have ADHD.

2. It’s a recent feeling

You are born with ADHD; it isn’t something you develop or suddenly get at the age of 25. There are some instances where people are diagnosed relatively late in life (in their teenage years) but if you are only just starting to feel as though you might have ADHD, you probably don’t.

3. Nobody in your family has it

Although it isn’t always genetic, it’s pretty normal for a few people even your distant relatives to have the same condition as you. A lot of people compare it to height, it’s that genetic so if you just start to feel as though you’re the only person in your family with ADHD, you can relax.

4. You can keep track of things

Your car keys, wallet, phone, TV remote and even your dog. You know where those things are. Whereas people with ADHD wouldn’t even know where they left their car last night.

5. You don’t have any other learning difficulties

Although it’s not always the case, sometimes people who suffer from ADHD also have other issues like Dyslexia. So if you are only concerned about the fact you haven’t been able to concentrate lately, maybe it’s got something to do with the five coffees you’ve had today.

6. You’re never late

To meeting, to class, to catch the train or even to your own wedding, you’re not one of those late people. People with ADHD on the other hand usually have trouble keeping track of time and tend to struggle being places when they have to be.

7. Coffee doesn’t keep you up

Coffee happens to be a stimulant, and so are some ADHD medications however unlike caffeine the medications aren’t addictive. Some ADHD adults find that coffee does the opposite of what it does for other people and actually has the ability to quieten their thoughts.

8. You aren’t an enthusiast

Whether that be car, scuba, golf, yoga music – you don’t get caught up in the idea of doing lots of activities. People with ADHD however love the idea of spending time doing lots and lots of things. Even if they don’t actually end up doing it.

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