5 Signs You Could Have Parasites

Signs You Could Have Parasites


The thought of having a parasite in your body can be very disturbing! But it happens to many people. There is treatment available for parasitic infections that will rid your body of these nasty things, so do not worry too much!

There are many signs that you might have a parasitic infection. Keep reading to see whether or not you are experiencing some of them right now.

Rectal Itching


1. Rectal Itching

Do you notice that your rectum is often itchy? This could be a sign that you have a parasite. This is because some parasites will actually come out of your rectum to lay their eggs at the opening of your anus, and then they will crawl back inside your body once the laying process is complete.

The new babies will hatch and then they will also crawl into your anus and into your colon where they like to live. The itching will be especially noticeable first thing in the morning, or may wake you up, since this type of parasite likes to lay their eggs early in the morning.

Bloating and Gas


2. Bloating and Gas

Parasites can take up a lot of space in your abdomen. Some parasites, like the tapeworm, can grow to be 100cm long!

Your intestines should have nothing but food in them, but if you add in a giant parasite your stomach will begin to look bloated. Your body will also have a hard time properly digesting food which can cause excess gas.

Nutrient Deficiencies


3. Nutrient Deficiencies

Parasites like to live in human and other animal’s bodies because there is a rich source of food that is never ending. People eat food and then it enters their intestines, the parasites await their meal there and then have their feast. But this leaves you lacking the nutrients you need to thrive!

If you notice that you have signs of nutrient deficiency, or your blood work tells you that you are deficient, consider testing for parasites to rule them out!

Foul Feces


4. Foul Feces

Have you noticed that your feces are especially stinky? This could be a sign that you have a parasite problem.

As we know from earlier, parasites can steal the nutrients we eat form our food. This can also cause an imbalance in the bacteria in our digestive system. This bacterial imbalance will cause foul smelling feces in the person infested with the parasite.

Difficulty Sleeping


5. Difficulty Sleeping

If you notice that you have difficulty sleeping, you may also notice that you have a few of the above signs as well.

Parasites can affect your quality of sleep and keep you awake by:

  • Causing bothersome itching.
  • Cause digestive upset and pain.
  • Upset your body’s ability to properly detoxify which is a process that occurs when you are asleep.
  • Cause a deficiency in magnesium, which is natures sleep mineral.
Final Thoughts


Final Thoughts

If you notice any of the signs above it would be best to go to a practitioner who can order the right tests for you to see if you have a parasite problem. There are treatments available to get rid of these bothersome things that are painless and usually taken by mouth.

Parasites are no joke! They can cause all kind of problems for the person they inhabit.