5 Signs You Broke Your Nose

If you have had that moment where you think to yourself “Hmm I think I might have broken my nose” you probably understand the stress that anyone goes through when they think they might have snapped the most prominent feature on most people’s faces. Sometimes, it’s an obvious bent to the other side of your face type of break and other times it’s subtle and can take a while to diagnose. Either way, it isn’t a pleasant experience but the sooner you get it treated the sooner it can heal.

Signs You Broke Your Nose


1. Swelling

Now, it might be a subtle swell or it could be purple, bruised and make either one of your eyes look as though you’ve been punched by a boxer. If you notice swelling especially towards the base of your nose (between your eyes) and you have recently experience some sort of trauma to the area, you might in fact have a broken nose.

2. Clear discharge

If you’re sick the discharge is usually green, yellow or a little off white. If, however, you suspect a broken nose the discharge will instead be clear and almost appear like water dripping from your nose. Now, if you have recently had a blow to the head this can be especially important to get checked out. Sometimes, if you have broken your nose during a blow to the head it can cause fluid from your brain to seep into your nasal passages.

3. Change in smell

While it’s definitely not the most important sense we possess, it’s still something that can be severely altered by a broken nose, especially if it goes untreated. If you’ve noticed that you are having difficulty smelling things that you normally would find easy (like your morning coffee) then get yourself to a doctor – asap!

4. Crooked tip

A definite crooked tip or bend in the nose is a sure sign you’ve probably done some damage to your beloved nose. It’s also important to look out for a warped or crooked septum (that bit between both sides of your nostrils). This can sometimes go unnoticed for years! It can cause difficulty breathing and have some pretty serious side effects.

5. Persistent nose bleeds

These persistent nose bleeds could start right from the moment of impact or take a few days to settle in to a steady stream of blood. Don’t ignore these nose bleeds even if they don’t phase you, they should.

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