5 Signs You Are Pregnant

Becoming pregnant is often an exciting and emotional time for a woman and for her partner too. There are lots of changes that happen, even in the very early stages of pregnancy, which can alert a woman to the fact that she is carrying a small life inside of her. Not all of these changes are pleasant though, and some women find them to be more bothersome than others.

Signs You Are Pregnant


1. Sore Nipples

Women often experience sore or sensitive nipples in pregnancy and it is often an early sign that she is pregnant. Some women find that the feeling of the shower water hitting their nipples is too much to take, or that even just the sensation of the cotton material of a T-Shirt rubbing against them is too painful. Turning your back to the shower and wearing a non-underwire bra can help to protect your nipples from too much irritation.

2. Sensitive Breasts

When a woman becomes pregnant the milk ducts in her breasts begin to enlarge and grow new tissue in preparation for the production of breast milk to feed the baby that is growing inside of her. All of this expansion can be painful causing the breast tissue to be painful when pressed too hard. Some women find that they can no longer lie on their stomachs at night to sleep because the pressure is too much. Switching to a non-underwire bra or swearing a tank top with a shelf bra will feel more comfortable than a push-up style bra with an underwire. Some women find that the tenderness decreases as the pregnancy progresses.

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3. Exhaustion

Many women notice that they feel very tired when they are in their first trimester of pregnancy. This is because growing a baby takes a lot of energy, and a woman’s hormones change very rapidly. It is not uncommon for a woman to want to go to bed much earlier than she previously did before becoming pregnant. Extra rest is beneficial during this time!

4. Nausea

Nausea is something that many women experience in early pregnancy. Some women experience a severe form of nausea called Hyperemesis Gravidarum, where they cannot keep any food or water down and require a trip to the hospital for IV fluids to restore their fluid levels. Thankfully, cases of HG are few and far between. Most women only experience mild nausea. Vitamin B6 is said to be helpful in warding off nausea in pregnancy.

5. Heightened Sense of Smell

Smelling everything around you is a common first sign of pregnancy. A woman’s sense of smell becomes heightened during pregnancy. This can be a good thing, like when you want to avoid food that has gone bad to spare yourself from being sick. But it can also be bad, like when you feel nauseous just walking into a restaurant or find the smell of a co-worker’s perfume too much to take. As with any pregnancy symptom some women find this more bothersome than others, and having a super sniffer doesn’t affect all women.

Final Thoughts

Early pregnancy is an exciting time full of so many changes! Some women experience every symptom you can imagine, and some only a few. Every pregnancy is different so do not stress if you aren’t experiencing the same things as other pregnant women. Soon you will be joined by a little person who is a part of you and your partner. Enjoy preparing and remember to get some sleep while you can!

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