8 Signs You Are Having a Boy

The moment you find out you’re pregnant is momentous. Whether it’s your first baby or your fifth, it’s always a special moment. Pretty soon after finding out you’re going to welcome a tiny bundle of joy into the world you start thinking “Is it a boy, or a girl?”. Chances are you’ll have your own preference and even battle with your partner over who is right. If you simply can’t wait to find out through a scan, here are some signs that you might be having a boy.

Signs You Are Having a Boy


1. Tummy position

If you notice that you’re carrying quite low and more towards your pelvic then this can indicate you’re having a boy. While girl baby’s tend to gravitate towards the upper end of your stomach, boys do the opposite. Keep in mind you’ll be able to notice this even more if you are having a second or third baby since you’ll actually have something to compare it to.

2. Heart rate

During your regular check-ups the nurse or doctor will monitor both your heart rate and the baby’s. If the doctor says that the baby’s heart rate is below 140 beats per minute, you’re probably going to have to start buying blue and green rompers!

3. Lack of morning sickness

One of the first signs of pregnancy is morning sickness. However, if you are pregnant with a little baby boy you probably won’t experience that much morning sickness. While baby girls wake their mom’s up in the morning with the intensity, boy’s do the opposite.

4. Dry hands galore

No amount of moisturiser seems to be able to stop your skin from cracking, peeling and generally just being as dry as a desert. Some believe that the hormones produced by baby boy’s causes their mom’s normally oily skin to dry out, a lot!

5. Left or right side?

If you happen to be waiting until the birth to find out the sex then chances are during your pregnancy you will favour one side when you sleep. This becomes more apparent the further into your pregnancy you get. If you have noticed that you are tending to sleep on your left side rather than your right, you are probably going to be having a little boy!

6. Big as a… basketball!

There are plenty of women who carry their pregnancy, well throughout their entire body but apparently with boy’s women tend to carry big, low and not from head to toe. So, you have people coming up to you saying “Wow, I just saw you from behind and didn’t even know you were pregnant!” (unless you’re naturally small) then you might just be having a boy.

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7. Your hair is loving life

This one might be an old wives tale. Some believe that when you’re pregnant with a little girl, she tends to steal your beauty and the health of your hair. Whereas when you have a boy they help your hair grow thicker, stronger and faster. Who wouldn’t want to have a baby boy?

8. Cold hands and feet

Now, unless you are one of those people who is constantly told they have cold hands and feet then this one will come as a surprise to you and everyone around you. If you are noticing that your appendages are a lot colder than usual you are most likely having a boy. Just try to keep yourself nice and warm and exercise to keep the blood flowing nicely.

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