7 Signs You Are Having a Baby Girl

As a pregnant mom to be you can’t help but think, am I having a little boy or girl? Should I start buying pastel pink or blue? The wait can’t seem like forever so it’s only normal in your first trimester to take matters into your own hands and try to figure out what you’re having. Some of them might be old wives tales, but some of them are definitely worth giving a go.

Signs You Are Having a Baby Girl


1. High heart rate

With each doctor’s appointment before you are able to officially find out whether you’re having a boy or girl, the doctor or nurse will take monitor the baby’s heart rate. If they notice that it’s between 140-160 beats per minute, you better start painting the spare room pink!

2. Sitting high or low

This one tends to be more noticeable if you are waiting to find out the baby’s gender until the birth since it takes a while for your bump to grow. If you do notice that the baby is sitting higher (closer to your chest) then you might have to start picking out girl names! Keep in mind though that if you are in physically good health and have strong abdominal muscles, the chances of you carrying high naturally are possible.

3. Excessive morning sickness

This tale is as old as time itself. If you happen to notice that you are having some serious bouts of morning sickness, especially if it’s so severe you end up in hospital with dehydration, you are probably having a little girl. Some people believe it’s because having a baby girl brings out even more of the raging hormones that impact your morning sickness.

4. Crazy mood swings

If you are finding yourself more agitated, moody and irritable during your pregnancy (especially if this isn’t your first pregnancy) than before it could be because you are having a girl. Some people believe that mood swings coupled with very strange cravings can be a sign you’re having a girl.

5. Garlic test

Surely you’ve heard of this little experiment haven’t you? Well, essentially the idea is that if a pregnant woman eats a raw clove of garlic (yummy!) and her body odour doesn’t change the next day, she’s having a baby girl! While it might seem putrid to eat raw garlic, these are the things you need to do to find out!

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6. Pee test

If the idea of eating garlic is enough to make you wait 40 weeks to find out the sex, then maybe the much easier and less smelly pee test is the right option for you. The theory goes that if you put 1 tablespoon of baking soda in a glass with a bit of your own urine and no reaction occurs, you might be having a girl. Whereas if the concoction starts to fizz, you’re probably having a boy.

7. Ring test

Another test! If all else fails, this old wives’ tale might just help you find out the baby’s gender. Place a ring with some thread around it above your belly, if the ring moves in a circular motion then congratulations – you’re having a girl!

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