5 Signs You Are Allergic to Alcohol

It’s fairly normal to feel a certain way after consuming a little too much alcohol at a party, however there are a few people that are actually in fact, allergic to alcohol. Some people have an intolerance that means that can’t consume as much as others can but in rare cases it can be an allergy just like any other. However, signs and symptoms of an alcohol allergy don’t include feeling sick after too many tequila shots. Here are the real ones to keep an eye out for:

Signs You Are Allergic to Alcohol


1. Stomach cramps

While chugging too many drinks can certainly leave your stomach a little sore, you shouldn’t be in any type of pain unless you are having an allergic reaction. Intense nausea and cramping is a sign that the drink you just consumed is seriously aggravating your body. If you happen to experience any of these symptoms fairly soon after drinking it could be a sign that you have an alcohol allergy.

2. Your face starts to swell

Some avid alcohol drinkers can probably tell you that waking up the next morning with a bloated or puffy face is fairly normal but it isn’t normal for your mouth, nose or throat to swell after drinking. Just like with any other allergy, swelling is fairly common during a reaction so if you find that your left with a swollen and engorged throat after a drink or two, you might have an alcohol allergy.

3. You are breaking out in hives

Doctors believe that usually when someone is allergic to alcohol, they are actually allergic to the sulphites found in alcohol. A common sulphite allergy reaction is to break out in hives. Once you have noticed the hives be sure to make a mental note on whether or not they are itchy, sore or just red. The difference could be major and you wouldn’t want to get the incorrect diagnosis.

4. Increased heart rate

This is your body’s way of letting you know, something is up and hey if you could please stop that would be great. Anyone with any type of allergy will tell you that during a reaction, your heart rate will increase and so will your body temperature. If you happen to notice that as soon as you’ve had a drink you start to feel your heart racing and not in a good way, it could be the alcohol doing it to you.

5. You have other allergies

While it isn’t necessarily the alcohol that makes people have bad reactions, it’s the yeast, hops, wheat, barely, sulphites and even grapes that people are actually allergic to. So, if you find that you’re gluten intolerant or can’t process yeast the way other people can it might also mean that you’re favourite alcoholic beverage is making you pretty ill.