6 Signs He’s Just Not into You

We all know the feeling. You’ve probably experienced it first-hand. You can’t tell whether he’s playing it cool or whether he’s just not that into you. It’s simply a part of dating in the modern world but that doesn’t mean it’s any less painful. To save yourself some suffering, check out these signs that he’s just not into you and hopefully help you cut ties sooner.


1. He doesn’t return your messages.

Or calls or Facebook messages or Instagram DM’s. Basically he’s a ghost. It’s a bit obvious but sometimes when you’re dating someone it’s really hard to see them for what they are. If someone wants to talk to you and be around you, they’ll make it happen even if they are in the middle of the bush without reception.

2. He talks openly about other women.

Even if it’s just a passing comment about his ex-girlfriend, it’s not a good sign. He shouldn’t feel comfortable making you feel uncomfortable by talking about other women. Unless it’s his sister, then maybe you’re the one with issues.

3. He keeps you hidden.

Men are fairly simple creatures. If he is proud and happy to show you off to his friends, family and other important people in his life, he’ll do exactly that. When you find yourself only hanging out with him when nobody else is around, he’s probably not that into you.

4. He’s physical but not emotional.

You might have found yourself in a friends with benefits situation without even realising it. While being physical with your partner is really important, it’s not the most important part. So if you’re struggling to get your guy to open up emotionally, it might be time to move on.

5. He generally doesn’t care.

About your day, how you feel or anything else that happens with you. If you spend more time talking about him and he never asks about your life, something is going on. Someone who genuinely cares about you will ask you questions and will actually be happy to chat about you.

6. He doesn’t plan anything.

Whether it’s a dinner date or just a 5-minute coffee before work, he doesn’t plan anything, ever. You shouldn’t always be the one that organises your dates and it’s a sign that you should take on board as he just doesn’t care that much about you.