10 Signs A Girl Likes You

You know how the old saying goes: Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Since the sexes are pretty much the complete opposites, it’s fair to say when it comes to finding a partner it can be a little tricky. Mixed signals, confusing messages and misunderstandings are all pretty normal when it comes to dating but how do you figure out if a girl likes you or not? Everything from body language to subtle giggles can mean the difference between being friend zoned to loved up. Here are a few signs to look out for.

Signs A Girl Likes You


1. Her friends know about you

It’s a pretty big thing for a girl to tell her closest friends about the guy she is “sort of seeing”. Not only does it mean you are worth talking about but it also shows that she sees you in her future, even if it isn’t always the most positive of talk, at least you are on the radar.

2. Body language

Unlike men, women love to show affection through physical contact. From a hand graze to making sure she is right next to you in social situations, a girl who likes you will do everything in her power to make contact even if it’s sometime inappropriate. While she might have guy friends that she high fives or slaps on the back, with you she’ll hold hands, cuddle and caress.

3. She’s protective

She doesn’t want to see you flirting with other girls so she’ll try her best to make sure other girls know exactly who she is to you. A girl who doesn’t care if you spend hours flirting with another girl isn’t really that into you, people are naturally jealous so if she doesn’t mind you flirting then she probably doesn’t like you.

4. She puts in effort with your friends and family

You know a girl is really into you when she goes out of her way to include your friends and family. Even if she doesn’t hang out with your friends 24/7, if she is showing an interest in your friends and seems curious enough to ask questions about the people closest to you, she definitely likes you!

5. She’s flirtatious

If you happen to notice that the girl you’re seeing seems to play with her hair, lick her lips and giggle at just about everything you’re saying, it should be fairly obvious to you that she’s flirting with you. While some girls flirt with guys to get a free drink or two, chances are if your girl is flirting with you that she likes you.

6. She wants your advice

Whether it’s about something small or something serious, when a girl asks for your advice it’s not only because she likes you but she also trusts your opinion. This is something that girls only do with guys they respect and value the opinion of, not just any guy! You’ll find you will become the go to person for help and information.

7. Dressing up

If you’ve ever been friend zoned before you’ll know that when a girl is just a friend she won’t put a whole lot of effort into dressing up. So, if you have just been to pick up your date and she’s dressed to the nines then you know she likes you. While you might end up being the guy she can feel comfortable enough around to just wear jeans, at the start she will be bringing out the big guns.

8. Eye contact

Whereas guys love to stare at the girl they like, girls prefer to stare and the quickly look away. You might notice that you go to make eye contact with her and she is already looking, only to divert her eyes as soon as she realises you’re looking at her. It’s party down to nerves but also because she just loves to look at you but doesn’t really like it when you notice!

9. She laughs at your jokes

If a girl doesn’t really care about you, she won’t bother laughing at a joke you made that isn’t really funny. On the other hand, though if she really likes you she will make sure to giggle at your jokes, even if they don’t make any sense. You might even find her giggling at things you do that she finds cute, something she’ll only do if she really, really likes you!

10. She backs you up

Even if you’re in the wrong, she is there for you. When you need emotional support, backing up in an argument or just need someone to talk to about something serious, if she likes you she will definitely be there for you. However, if she doesn’t really see you as partner potential, she won’t make the effort to be there for you.

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