5 Signs You Are Having A Nervous Breakdown

5 Signs You Are Having A Nervous Breakdown


Nervous breakdown is a condition that is brought about as a result of great anxiety or depression that leads to excessive levels of mental distress. This hinders the normal functionality of your body. The body and brain feel overwhelmed and may not be able to cope with the normal challenges of life. There are various signs that will be an indication that you are suffering from a nervous breakdown. These signs are explicitly explained below:

Feeling of paranoia

This is an extreme irrational feeling that someone is watching your every move and has an intention of hurting you. For instance, whenever you pass where people are and they look at you, you may have the feeling that they must be plotting something negative against you. Though sometimes people may have this paranoiac feeling, in the case of a nervous breakdown, this feeling may be extreme.

Abnormal sleep pattern

Nervous breakdown is mainly caused by challenges that up stress your life. When on the verge of a nervous breakdown, you may use sleep as your escape route. You may end up sleeping for more than 9 hours in a day. On the other hand, you may also find yourself suffering from insomnia (lack of sleep). Your mind may be overworking as you turn thoughts over and over in your mind. This may prevent you from getting any sleep. Due to this sleep deprivation, you may end up feeling very exhausted.

High levels of anxiety and thoughts of suicide

During this time your mind keeps wandering wildly and you may recall unpleasant experiences that may have happened to you in the past. These pictures may keep playing in your mind over and over again instilling great fear within you. This may continue for a very long period of time. With time, your brain may be overwhelmed and you start having the feeling that you cannot take it anymore. You may start thinking of committing suicide.

Withdrawing from social settings

When you are always under stress, you will start having the feeling that that social situations will give you more stress. In addition, you may also suffer from low self esteem. As a result, you avoid social setups. This means that you may try as much as possible to avoid family gathering and give excuses to miss work. You also shy away from those things that you enjoyed doing in the past. This may go on for a very long period of time

Emotional instability

You become very irritable during a nervous breakdown and any small happening leaves you even more frustrated. You have constant mood swings a situation in which you are very happy one minute and very sad the next. This leaves you emotionally drained and exhausted physically. One may end up eating a lot to compensate for the lost energy.


Nervous breakdown is not considered a medical condition. This, however, does not mean that its signs should be ignored. Ignoring these signs may lead to tragic results. Those suffering from nervous breakdown need a lot of social support. This is the main reason why withdrawing from social settings may be very disadvantageous.