5 Signs You Have Mold In Your House

5 Signs You Have Mold In Your House


What will be your immediate feeling when you find mold in your house? Definitely, you will feel disgusted and your first reaction will most likely be putting up the house for sale. This feeling is even worse if the mold has been growing for a very long period of time and has caused destruction to to structures within your house. To make matters worse, some of the mold are poisonous and can cause allergic reactions to your body. It may be difficult to notice if you have mold in your house. However, there are several signs that there is mold in your house:

1. Allergic symptoms caused by mold

There are various allergic symptoms that you will feel if there is growth of mold in your house. These symptoms include sneezing a lot, having sore eyes, having a constantly running nose, congestion in the nose as well as having concentration problems. If you feel these symptoms when you are in the house and feel relieved when you are outside, then this is an indication that mold is growing somewhere within the structures of your house. It is thus important to do a thorough inspection to find out where the mold is growing.

2. Pungent odor caused by mold

Mold mainly flourish within a dump environment. When mold grows in your house, you will feel a pungent smell that is caused by mold. If every time you enter your house, you immediately feel this moldy smell, then it is time to do a thorough inspection and find out where the mold is growing. Where you are not able to get the mold, it is important to seek the help of a professional mold inspection and removal company.

3. Physical signs of growth of mold

Several signs of growth of mold can also be seen. Any signs such as what is looks like soot, stains, discoloration on walls, patches of mold, black spots, white and threadlike growths should not be ignored. They may just be the most visible indicators that you have mold growing in your house. Take time and pay close attention to such signs.

4. Water problems in your house

A carpet with moisture, walls with coloration, stained floor and ceiling,dumpy surfaces within your home such as windows. rusty water pipes, condensation and rusty water pipes are all signs that you are having water problems in your home. All these can facilitate the growth of mold in your home. Do not take such signs lightly.

5. Flooding problem in the past

In case has ever been a flooding problem in your house, then there are high chances that you may have mold growth in your home. This is because the dump environment provides a suitable condition for the growth of mold. This will mostly be at the basement or in other areas where the flood water stayed for a long period of time before drying up. It is thus important to inspect such areas to prevent the problem from getting worse.


Presence of most is very disgusting. Apart from the strong, pungent smell, there may also be health complications that the mold may cause. It is important that you carefully watch out for these signs to ensure that you remove the mold from your house early to prevent more destruction.