10 Signs You Should Quit Drinking

Signs You Should Quit Drinking_


Everyone enjoys a cheeky drink on a Friday night after a long week at work. For most people, that’s enough to satisfy their cravings for alcohol. Some though, don’t just drink to celebrate the end of the working week but instead use it as a crutch to deal with their lives. If you think you might need to quit drinking here are some signs to look out for.

1. You don’t remember meeting people

If you’ve ever been at a party while you’re still semi sober and someone starts talking to you like they know you, only for them to have to explain that you guys actually had a great night together the other week it might be a sign to slow down on the drinking. Completely forgetting parts of the night is never a good sign.

2. Your friends have asked you to stop

Whether it’s when you’re halfway through your first drink or they’ve spoken to you when you’re sober about it. If the people closest to you think you might have a problem, chances are you do.

3. You cry broke but then splash the cash on drinks

If you find yourself constantly scraping together money to buy for food and petrol but magically always have enough to buy drinks, you have a problem. Drinking is a costly hobby and if all your money is going there you’ll soon feel as though you can really relate to the homeless guy and his brown paper bag.

4. You find excuses to drink

Most people leave the celebrating for actual occasions like birthday’s, graduations and house warmings. You on the other hand find it easy to celebrate the end of financial year on a Tuesday at 3pm.

5. You’ve ruined belongings

Whether it be your phone, someone else’s car or your best friends favourite dress, you tend to destroy things because of the state you’re in. You don’t even remember puking on the carpet but now you have to pay for someone to clean it (and that’s normal for you).

6. You engage in risky behaviour

Of course everyone has their moments every now and again when they let loose and maybe dance on a bar. That’s fine in moderation but when you are seriously endangering your life because of your actions either sexually or because of violence when drinking, you know it’s time to sort yourself out.

7. Your health is at risk

Not just because the day after a night of binge drinking you tuck into some fried food and ice cream but because you are starting to notice the effects of alcohol. Your hair has lost its shine, your face is constantly puffy and you can no longer run 1 mile without legitimately thinking you’re going to pass out.

8. You regret your actions

You regret your actions

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If you are waking up every Saturday (or for some Wednesday) and immediately feeling ashamed or regret for something you’ve done the night before either to a friend or to yourself, it’s time to stop! The only reason you should feel remorse the day after a celebration is because you ate too many sliders.

9. People have to tell you what you’ve done

There is nothing worse than waking up completely unaware that you’ve actually broken up someone’s relationship, embarrassed your best friend or drunk dialled your boss. It’s even worse when you can’t actually remember it and need to be told by your very annoyed roommate.

10. You want to change

It doesn’t matter how many people tell you or beg you to quit drinking, if you don’t want to change – it’s never going to happen.

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