10 Health Signs You Should Not Ignore

10 Health Signs You Should Not Ignore


Usually we have some vague understanding of why we’re feeling unwell. Perhaps we have a cold, or we exercised a lot the previous day. Maybe we didn’t get enough sleep the night before. A passing sore throat or sour mood isn’t much cause for alarm. These symptoms are fairly normal.

However, not all symptoms can be dismissed so lightly. Some may be signs that something more serious is wrong, and an immediate doctor’s visit may be necessary.

DO NOT IGNORE the following 10 medical symptoms. Though in some cases they may be nothing, they are also often indicative of a much more serious concern that requires a physician’s attention. Only a doctor can tell you for sure, and it’s better to be safe than dismissive and sorry.

10. Sudden Intense Headache

Sudden Intense Headache


If you’re feeling fine, then experience a sharp and sudden headache unlike any other you’ve felt before, this is a cause for concern. If the intensity of the headache builds in a matter of seconds, consider reaching out to a doctor. Such intense pain can be a symptom of a brain aneurysm or burst blood vessel.