10 Signs You’re in a Good Relationship

For every person, depending on their past experiences the definition of a good relationship can vary. Maybe compared to your last boyfriend this one seems like a gem but unless it’s a healthy relationship chances are it’s going to end with you crying over Mac n Cheese and him drowning his sorrows. Either way, here are some tell-tale signs that in fact you are in a healthy relationship!

Signs You’re in a Good Relationship


1. You fight

Okay, so obviously if you’re at each other’s throats 24/7 it isn’t good but fighting is a normal part of relationships. If you don’t ever fight, chances are there is something up between you two. Arguing over what to have for dinner is fine but fighting about one of you going out to see friends, isn’t.

2. You give each other space

Nobody wants to be stuck with their significant other all day, every day so allowing your loved one time to themselves will not only benefit you as individuals but as a couple as well. Having separate hobbies and friend groups makes this a lot easier.

3. You are able to speak openly

If you don’t feel you can talk to your partner about something serious or even something trivial, that’s a red flag. You should confident in discussing everything from bowel movements to politics (maybe that’s one conversation actually?)

4. You feel good about yourself

In order for a relationship to thrive both parties need to be content on their own. Using your partner as a reason for your happiness will never last long. Before diving into a committed relationship make sure you feel 100% comfortable and happy in your own life.

5. There is balance

Not only within the relationship but also within your work lives and social lives. Yes, finding time for everything can be a challenge but making time for everything in your life that’s important, as well as what your partner enjoys doing is one of the keys to a successful relationship.

6. You trust each other

With your life, with your heart and with your secrets. You know that your partner would never do anything intentionally to hurt you or your feelings so you feel secure even when you aren’t around.

7. You are intimate

A relationship based around intimacy of course won’t ever last but with every good relationship a healthy dose of it is needed. Whatever is normal for your relationship and keeps both of you happy is key. That doesn’t mean you need to be going at it every single day though.

8. You say the magic words

If you have to force an I love you out of your partner, things aren’t looking great. It also shouldn’t be used lightly though. Only say it when you want to and feel it’s right. People tend to get in the habit of saying it and don’t actually mean it.

9. You don’t hold grudges

In an argument you don’t bring up something that happened two years, 3 months and 1 week ago. You are both able to let things go and when an argument is over, it isn’t brought up again and again,

10. You are joyful together

You laugh, play and have fun as a couple. It isn’t all about the mundane routine of work, dinner, tv, sleep. You take time out of your day to bring joy to your partner and they do the same in return.

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