6 Signs You Over Sleep

Everyone loves to sleep in! On a Sunday morning there is nothing better than stretching and hitting snooze but what happens to your body when you regularly over sleep? We are constantly told that we need to sleep more and that the average person isn’t getting enough Zzz’s. For some people though, the opposite is true and it can in fact be quite detrimental to your health. Here are 6 signs you over sleep.

Signs You Over Sleep


1. Memory issues

Yes, it isn’t just the fact you had a slow morning that you now can’t remember what you were meant to get at the shops. Over sleeping can actually over time, affect your memory. According to studies our brains are essentially repaired after 7 hours of sleep and once you start to oversleep, the repairing it just did becomes pointless.

2. You’re starting to feel a little blue

This goes both ways. If you aren’t sleeping enough (say between 4-6 hours of sleep a night) you can increase your chances of developing depression. However, the same can be said you sleep too much. Staying in bed rather than getting out and taking on the day can be a sign that you’re starting to feel down.

3. Inflammation

Multiple studies have found that chronic inflammation is linked to over and under sleeping. So say you’re only getting 5 hours a sleep at night, you are at just as much of a risk as developing chronic inflammation as someone who sleeps more than 9 hours. Keep in mind this only is true when you have irregular sleeping patterns. You can have a long lay in every now and again and it definitely won’t lead to any serious health conditions.

4. You’re putting on weight

Over time that extra hour or two lying in bed will definitely negatively impact your weight especially if it becomes a regular occurrence. Not just because you aren’t moving but think about it like this, if you are sleeping for 10 hours that only leaves you 14 to work, exercise, socialise and run errands. By the time you wake up you probably won’t feel like doing much else other than binge watching Netflix.

5. You end up feeling more fatigued

The reason we sleep is to help us feel more awake, right? Sometimes though oversleeping can have the opposite effect. You wake up feeling groggy and at times you aren’t able to focus. This is because your brain has been in sleep mode for so long it’s gotten so used to it and puling it out can be a real struggle.

6. Underlying medical conditions

Most of the time when people oversleep it’s just because they feel like having a good nap but on the other hand it can actually be a symptom of medical conditions. If you are constantly tired and feeling run down things like chronic fatigue, sleep apnea and hypersomnia are potential conditions you may suffer from. There is no harm in asking your doctor for some advice!