8 Signs You Intimidate Him

If you find yourself regularly being let down when that cute guy at the bar smiles at you but doesn’t approach for a chat, you might intimidate him. Listen up ladies, there is nothing wrong with being strong willed but when no guy is willing to go on a date because of your fiery personality, unless you want to be alone forever cool it on the intimidation.

Signs You Intimidate Him


1. Flirting needs nowhere

You’re having a nice chat, he’s asking you about your career and you feel really confident in where it’s going. Next thing you know he’s halfway out the door. What happened?! Through the art of flirting he suddenly realised that you are much more of a woman than he’s used to and simply can’t handle it.

2. They seem a little too nervous

Sure, some guys can be a little shy and unsure of themselves but once it becomes a pattern of nervous ticks and twitches, maybe it’s your ability to hold a conversation that frightens him.

3. Awkward to a whole new level

He’s probably thought about reaching out to grab your hand or even to offer to buy you a drink but every time he does he thinks about how you just said you like to be in control and hate it when guys pay for everything. So instead, his awkward side comes out.

4. They’re insulted easily

Your ability to take a joke is made even more obvious by his inability to handle casual insults. Suddenly he’s taking offense to harmless jokes and in your opinion – it’s all over.

5. Bragging

In order to assert his male-ness he has to overcompensate in some way, that’s a lot harder to do when you as a woman are secure and confident. You’ll know you’re intimidating him when he starts bragging about every single little thing.

6. Eye contact is kept to a minimum

He might every now and again glance into your eyes but other than that he never directly looks into your eyes for long periods of times. It’s probably made even more obvious by the fact you are able to maintain eye contact for the entire conversation.

7. His friends will be the middle men

Even if he does really like you, he won’t admit it. He’s too scared of rejection or you know being embarrassed. Instead, like everyone did in high school he’ll enlist his buddies to tell you how he feels. I know, so romantic.

8. They admit it

It’s a rare moment when a guy is able to admit his true feelings especially if it shows them in a negative light. However, every now and again one of them man’s up and tells you exactly what’s up*.

• This is very rare. Do not get your hopes up.

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